How to get organised and increase your productivity as a blogger

The worst part about blogging is that it takes away your freedom. After completing one article you have to start working on a new article in order to keep your readers and visitors entertained. For this you have to keep yourself focused all the time. Being focused means Being in a Productive mood and stay that way.

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How to get worthy backlinks for your blog

Blogging is a game played from both sides. Bloggers try to give their readers good quality content and in return they expect some appreciation in the form of worthy comments, backlinks and social bookmarks. Backlinks play a major role in the success of a blog and today i would like to share some simple and effective tips to get useful backlinks.

Backlinks are the incoming links to a webpage or website. The number of backlinks is one indication of the popularity or importance of that website or page and are also used by search engines to differentiate between various webpages for a searched keyword.

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How Much Damage an Asteroid Will Cause

Asteroids are rocky and metallic objects that orbit the Sun but are too small to be considered planets. These asteroids are small, but they can eradicate the entire human race. Over the past years scientists are keeping a look at the asteroids around us and are working on projects to prevent the collision of these asteroids with our Mother Earth.

Some asteroids are small while some are really big. What would happen if a small asteroid crashes into earth or some big asteroid crashes into earth. You don't know, cause this something you cannot predict without experimental data. But now you can use the Impact: Earth! calculator to see what kind of damage an asteroid will cause.

The Impact Earth calculator is developed by a Purdue University research team and it basically lets anyone calculate the damage an Earth-bound asteroid will cause. All you have to do is to fill some data like size, angle, location, etc. Once you are over the calculator will predict the consequences of the crash like size of crater formed, the seismic effects, the energy of the impact, the ejecta, and other scary results of an asteroid crash.

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How to Build Authority as a Blogger

Have you ever wondered why people use Google, even though much more useful, creative and really worthy Search Engines are available to us. The answer is simple - Google is having authority over us. We use Google because we think that there is no alternative, even if we know we don't bother to take the advantage of other search engines.

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Create 404 Error Page For Static Websites

When we try to open a non-existing URL or link of a resource we get 404 error page. A creative and useful 404 error page can help you to interact with your readers and visitors and you can get worthy feedback from them. Most websites try to emphasize on their 404 error pages because displeasing visitors is not good for bloggers. Bloggers place the links of their most popular articles or recent posts or active discussions on their error pages.

Today i will tell you how to create a custom 404 error page for a static website by using .htaccess file.

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Journey Has Just Started

I am felling very happy to write my first post on my latest blog Chaotic Mag, which is my latest venture to explore that designer and blogger hidden somewhere inside me. Before moving on let me make it clear that i'm not a blogger who writes for Search Engines. I love my readers and i write just for them. As i have told above that this blog is dedicated to web designing, Blogging and Inspirations. No blog is complete without Resources, hence i will share Resources too with you my fellas. I am blogging just for fun and therefore there are no future plans like blah...blah..blah.

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