Create 404 Error Page For Static Websites

When we try to open a non-existing URL or link of a resource we get 404 error page. A creative and useful 404 error page can help you to interact with your readers and visitors and you can get worthy feedback from them. Most websites try to emphasize on their 404 error pages because displeasing visitors is not good for bloggers. Bloggers place the links of their most popular articles or recent posts or active discussions on their error pages.

Today i will tell you how to create a custom 404 error page for a static website by using .htaccess file.

Add the following line to your .htaccess file.
ErrorDocument 404 /404.php

Here 404.php is the path where you want to serve your error page. You can now customize this 404.php page according to your will. I will suggest you to place useful links, feedback regarding 404 error page or search forms.

More Documentation is Coming Soon…