How Much Damage an Asteroid Will Cause

Asteroids are rocky and metallic objects that orbit the Sun but are too small to be considered planets. These asteroids are small, but they can eradicate the entire human race. Over the past years scientists are keeping a look at the asteroids around us and are working on projects to prevent the collision of these asteroids with our Mother Earth.

Some asteroids are small while some are really big. What would happen if a small asteroid crashes into earth or some big asteroid crashes into earth. You don't know, cause this something you cannot predict without experimental data. But now you can use the Impact: Earth! calculator to see what kind of damage an asteroid will cause.

The Impact Earth calculator is developed by a Purdue University research team and it basically lets anyone calculate the damage an Earth-bound asteroid will cause. All you have to do is to fill some data like size, angle, location, etc. Once you are over the calculator will predict the consequences of the crash like size of crater formed, the seismic effects, the energy of the impact, the ejecta, and other scary results of an asteroid crash.

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