How to get worthy backlinks for your blog

Blogging is a game played from both sides. Bloggers try to give their readers good quality content and in return they expect some appreciation in the form of worthy comments, backlinks and social bookmarks. Backlinks play a major role in the success of a blog and today i would like to share some simple and effective tips to get useful backlinks.

Backlinks are the incoming links to a webpage or website. The number of backlinks is one indication of the popularity or importance of that website or page and are also used by search engines to differentiate between various webpages for a searched keyword.

1. Interlink Your Posts

When you write a new article on your blog or a guest post on someone else's blog, you can link some main keywords with some blog posts which are related to that keyword. Interlinking posts help you to reduce your bounce rate and you also get some new visitors to your blog.

2. Social Bookmarking

The first thing i do after publishing a post is bookmark those posts on websites linke Stumbleupon and Digg. The main advantage of bookmarking posts is that your article is promoted without spending money and you get targeted traffic. On some days i get 1000+ new visitors to my blog from such social bookmarking websites. But let me tell you that this does not work all the time.

More Documentation is Coming Soon…