How to get organised and increase your productivity as a blogger

The worst part about blogging is that it takes away your freedom. After completing one article you have to start working on a new article in order to keep your readers and visitors entertained. For this you have to keep yourself focused all the time. Being focused means Being in a Productive mood and stay that way.

When you blog, you just don't write articles but you are also engaged in blog promotion, discussions, web design tweaks and social bookmarking. These tasks eat up 90% of the time available to you for blogging and if you don't organize yourself you will get nuts. Time management can help you to increase your productivity by 10 folds.

1. Multitasking (are you nuts)

Multitasking is cool a you can do more than one task at an instant of time. But for bloggers it got some consequences, as it reduces their efficiency therefore you take more time to perform a task and the outcome is not that good too. Multitasking is not good for not just bloggers but for all the people, so say no to multitasking - leave it for gadgets.

2. Try to decrease distractions

I just love YouTube and i spend about an hour or two on YouTube daily. It becomes really difficult for me to write an article because at the moment YouTube starts acting as a distraction.

If you want to focus on a task you have keep all the distractions away. Most bloggers are active on Facebook, Twitter and other Social Networking websites while blogging. This is not good for those fellows. Try to give your blog quality time. You should also close down all the unnecessary tabs in your browser.

3. Go get a break

All of us need a break and we enjoy getting some rest. Most people take us blogging as a hobby and not as work, but let me tell you that blogging causes stress too. If you keep on thinking about your blog you will get stressed out and your efficiency to do work will decrease.

Getting some rest provides you some time to get junk stuff out of your mind to open gates for new ideas. If you enjoy blogging, then after the break your eagerness to blog again will act as an positive factor for you and your blog.

The road not taken

Today we have discussed about few awesome ways in which you can increase your productivity. I know my methods are the conventional ones but you know that blogosphere is full of unconventional and creative articles. This is one of them. If you are impressed by us, share the love or just comment. We will follow you.

More Documentation is Coming Soon…