How to Build Authority as a Blogger

Have you ever wondered why people use Google, even though much more useful, creative and really worthy Search Engines are available to us. The answer is simple - Google is having authority over us. We use Google because we think that there is no alternative, even if we know we don't bother to take the advantage of other search engines.

Having authority is must for every blogger. You should make your readers read your posts and take part in discussions even if the content is useful for them. Your authority is your weapon against all odds, you readers and followers will be there for you if you have authority over them.

1. Good Content

(I think while writing an article related to blogging if you are not getting any idea include the term "Good Content") Good content can help you a lot in drawing the attention of people towards your blog. When you are writing something for your blog be creative and write the best you can write, as your blog is a reflection of your personality.

Your posts should be creative as creative posts go viral faster and upto greater extent than unique or good posts. If your content is good then get useful backlinks too which are like bonus (bingo).

2. Be Influential

When taking part in discussions on your blog or on someone else's blog you have to put forward "what you think" and with your comments you have to perform two tasks (a) Show what you got and (b) to make others follow your statement blindly. For latter you have to be very influential.

As a blogger you have to influence fellow bloggers so that you can get benefits from them like some worthy comments on your blog, guest posts and backlinks. You can also try to influence non-blogger too because this doesn't harm.

3. Community can help

The basic practice that every pro-blogger follows is "Community Building" because you can take the advantage of your community at any point. You must have seen some new lads grabbing attention quickly because of their connections with other bloggers. Here connections play a useful role.

If your connections are with the tops blogs of your niche then the probability of bloggers getting influenced by you goes up 100%. At time your community members also suggest their acquaintances to visit your blog to subscribe to your blog. Now you see what a community and few connections can do.

Its your turn!

If you want authority over blogosphere then you have covered half the distance. I'm curious to know what you think about building authority as a blogger. Share your worthy comments and your tips regarding the topic. We'll be waiting.

More Documentation is Coming Soon…